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Our Mission

 Kwizera Ministries was started to bring hope to people who feel they have no hope.

We will accomplish this goal by bringing them the gospel of Jesus Christ using practical means that are both culturally sensitive and world view aware so that as many as we are able to touch can both know who Jesus Christ is and be able to depend on the indwelling Holy Spirit for guidance in their world.

Kwizera Ministries Focus:  The Widows and Orphans of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda Africa.

This focus is founded on the verse in James 1:27 which states that “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for Orphans and Widows in their distress, and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” (NLT)

Kwizera Ministries accomplishes its mission by:

1.     Spreading the good news of the Gospel.  (Romans 10:14-15)

2.     Encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ to persevere in spreading the Gospel. (Acts 13:15)

3.     Helping those who have limited resources (Matthew 25:40) (Isaiah 40:1)

4.    Building teams from many different churches to accomplish our mission. (Matthew 9:37-38)

5.     Exploring ways that team members can reach their own communities (Acts 1:8)

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